Please find below a brief list of recent projects we have undertaken along with our work element and contract value:

SectorType of InstallationInstallation CostYearDuration (mths)
INDUSTRIALReplacement Commercial Boiler£10k20191
INDUSTRIALWarehouse Ventilation, Heating & Cooling£275k20196
COMMERCIALOffice VRV & Ventilation Design & Build£110k20193
INDUSTRIALHatchery Ventilation Design & Build£20k20191
COMMERCIALKitchen AC & Ventilation Design & Build£12k20191
PHARMAColdroom Ventilation Design & Build£15k20191
RETAILWarehouse AC & Ventilation Design & Build£97k20192
RETAILLarge Car Showroom AC & Ventilation Design & Build£91k20192
CAREHOMEVRV & Ventilation£89k20194
COMMERCIALBasement Ventilation Listed building London Design & Build£4k20191
COMMERCIALVRV & Ventilation Listed Building London Desigh & Build£50k20191
RESIDENTIALApartment AC Design & Installation Design & Build£10k20191
RESIDENTIALHigh End Residential AC System Design & Build£12k20191
INDUSTRIALDehumidification System Design & Build£45k20193
PHARMAColdroom Dehumidification Design & Build£7k20191
RESTAURANTKitchen Ventilation Design & Build£9k20191
COMMERCIALOffice Meeting Room Split System Design & Build£5k20191
LOCAL GOVTTheatre Roof AHU Cooling System Main Contractor£60k20192
CAREHOMEAC Installation Design & Build£4k20192
RESTAURANTHigh End Gastropub VRV System Design & Build Financed£20k20191
ITServer Room Cooling£2k20191
MODLPHW Duct Coils£5k20181
SCHOOLSSwimming Pool Ventilation Design & Build£82k20183
GOSPEL HALLLennox Rooftop Replacement units Design & Build£56k20182
COMMERCIALNew Chiller Installation Design & Build£15k20181
SAILINGAC Installation British Sailing Team HQ Portland Design & Build£6k20181
RETAILServer Room AC D&B£2k20181
GOSPEL HALLDuctwork Installation & Repairs£2k20181
RESIDENTIALHi end residential property AC Design & Installation£8k20181
MODTwin Split AC£5k20181
SCHOOLSCommunity School AC & Vent D&B£80k20181
HATCHERYHatchery Ventilation France D&B£20k20181
COMMERCIALOffice VRF,Ventilation & BMS£227K20176
COMMERCIALOffice VRF & Ventilation£144K20174
INDUSTRIALFactory & Office Cooling and Ventilation£129K20173
INDUSTRIALFactory Cooling£44K20171
INDUSTRIALOffice VRF and Ventilation£43K20172
LOCAL GOVTFactory Ventilation£39K20171
NHSCath Lab Cooling£15K20171
AEROSPACER22 Air conditioning change Over Phase 3£615K201610
EDUCATIONSchool VRF & Ventilation Installation£82K20162
AEROSPACEBuilding 180 Server Room Close Control AC Install£72K20161
MODBuilding 661 VRV Installation£57K20163
AEROSPACEClean Room VRF & Ventilation Installation£26K20161
INDUSTRIALTest Rig Cooling£25K20161
NUCLEARWinfrith LLWCP ventilation system£9k20161
MODOffice VRV & Ventilation£709K2015-1624
MODOffice VRF & Ventilation£275K20156
INDUSTRIALFactory Heating & Ventilation / Lennox£221K20156
COMMERCIALFactory & Office Cooling and Ventilation£109K20152
MODOffice, Dental Practice & Gym VRF & Ventilation£100K20154
INDUSTRIALOffice VRF & Ventilation£76K20152
MODOffie VRF & Ventilation£67K20152
INDUSTRIALChicken Factory Ventilation£61K20153
MODOffice VRF & Ventilation£60K20152
COMMERCIALFactory Cooling and Ventilation£59K20151
INDUSTRIALWarehouse Ventilation£49K20151
RETAILRoof Top Package Unit Replacements£35K20151
EDUCATIONTV Studio VRF & Ventilation£25K20151
COMMERCIALOffice Design & Build Full mechanical services and installation VRV£62K20143
RETAILBoiler Installations£26K20141
PHARMAOffice/Consulting/Treatment Full mechanical services and installationVRV, Vent, Public Health£414K20138
MEDICALOffice/Consulting Design & Build Full mechanical services and installation VRV, Vent£135K20134
EDUCATIONVRF & Heat Pump Boiler Installation£78K20122
LOCAL GOVTPackaged Rooftop Refurbishment, 2 no. Lennox DX/gas fired roof units, New roof top ductwork and insulation£44K20121
LOCAL GOVTOffice Ventilation & Air Conditioning Servicing£40K20121
COMMERCIALOffice and Workshop, D&B mechanical services installation, Heat Pump Splits & Ventilation£40K20122
OFFICEVRF & Heat Pump Boiler Installation£425K20118
EDUCATIONVentilation installation£125K20114
MEDICALOffice/Consulting/Treatment Full mechanical services and installation VRV, Vent, Public Health£80K20112
COMMERCIALHoward de Walden Office VRF System£78K20112
INDUSTRIALProduction Area Cooling , Design & Build Ducted Packaged AHU£61K20111
INDUSTRIALProduction Area Cooling, D&B Ducted Packaged AHU & Cold Store Refrigeration£56K20111
LEISUREBedrooms, Function Room, Bar, Kitchen Design & Build Full mechanical services installation VRV, Ventilation£425K20106
EDUCATIONSports and Swimming Pool Installation Design & Build Full mechanical services and installation£275K20106
PHARMAPharmaceutical Production and Offices Design & Build Full mechanical services and installation VRV, Vent, Public Health£225K20106
EDUCATIONVentilation Installation£175K20106
COMMERCIALChiller Replacement Installation£75K20101
MEDICALDesign & Build Full mechanical services and installation VRV, Vent, Chilled Water, Public Health£260K20093