Commercial Heating

Heating can be provided using either Modern Heat Pump systems or where this is not possible by more traditional heating only systems.

Modern Heat Pump system when linked to Air Socks for example can provide an extremely cost effective way of heating large spaces. These direct the warm air to precisely where it is needed and are typically 4 times more efficient than traditional forms of space heating. They also have the advantage that they can cool also when required so are extremely flexible.

Traditional Gas Fired Warm Air Heaters have improved significantly over the past few years and can still offer a good and viable solution where the customer wants to go with this type of option.

Elliott’s holds the MCS accreditation for Air Source Heat Pumps. This enables the company to participate in the Governments Boiler Replacement Scheme, which contributes up to £5000 to Domestic customers and Small Businesses towards the cost of replacing Gas or Oil fired boilers with Renewable Air Source Heat Pumps which are typically used in Hot Water type heating systems.

Other forms of traditional heating systems are as follows:

We can install new or replace existing gas, LPG and oil fired boiler plant serving ‘wet’ type heating systems such as radiators, LPHW fan convectors and under floor heating. The boiler plant can also be used for producing the primary source for heating the buildings domestic hot water supply, as an alternative the hot water can be produced using a direct fired, gas, oil or LPG storage heater.

We can install all types of warm air heaters from domestic to industrial installations. We use Lennox warm air heaters for the smaller type domestic or office installations as they produce the most efficient condensing type burners, these units can also be fitted with cooling coils to provide heating and cooling if required. For the larger industrial and commercial installations we use Powrmatic heaters, these type of heaters can be free blowing or connected to ductwork, suspended from the roof structure or floor mounted or mounted externally. We can also replace any existing faulty or inefficient rooftop AHU/package unit with a bespoke roof top system; this can connect to the existing ductwork, gas and electrical supplies avoiding the need to replace complete systems, saving money and internal disruptions.

As an alternative to warm air we can supply and fit radiant tube heating systems, these are generally installed in buildings with large internal volumes and high air change rates, such as warehouses etc.

An air source heat pump is dimensioned to meet all your heating and hot water needs which for the average UK home accounts for 82% of your total final energy use according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) 2013 statistics. When you heat your property using a heat pump, your running costs are reduced to the amount of electricity required to run the heat pump, and because a heat pump is designed to produce at least 2.5 units of heat for 1 unit of input electricity, this can mean considerable savings to your energy bill if it is replacing oil, LPG or all-electric heating.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is now available and rewards householders investing in air source heat pumps with regular payments received in respect of the amount of heat energy produced by the heat pump. Unfortunately, the RHI does not cover Air to Air heat pumps.

Investment and Funding

The installation of an air source heat pump normally will require an investment of between £6,000 and £10,000, depending on different factors, such as the size of the property and the levels of energy demand. The amount of money that you save from introducing an air heat pump system will depend on the characteristics of your property, how warm you like to keep your house, etc. When converting from an oil boiler to an air source heat pump, our customers on average save between £600-£1000 a year.


Elliott has considerable experience in Designing, Installing, Commissioning and Servicing many types of Commercial Heating systems.

If you need any information or help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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