There are a number of factors to take into account when designing systems for schools and colleges. It is important to ensure that they provide a comfortable and quiet environment so as not to distract attention away from the lessons and there are many different aspects to consider depending on the area of the school that is under consideration.

Modern Air Conditioning systems utilise renewable heat pump technology and are extremely energy efficient at both heating and cooling. They are typically 4 times more efficient than traditional gas or electric powered heating systems and 50% more efficient than  10-15 year old AC systems so can offer good energy savings as against older systems. They can provide a very simple and very cost effective way of heating rooms and can be easily retrofitted into older buildings.  They are a much more efficient way of heating than the conventional gas boiler and radiator systems.

Recently there has also been a significant increase in awareness of air quality due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It has unfortunately become common place for many schools to open classroom windows during the winter in order to introduce fresh air into the rooms. This as well as being uncomfortable for the staff and pupils causes a huge waste of heat contributing to global warming and wasting huge amounts of money.

Elliott’s has significant experience of providing highly efficient AC systems incorporating Mechanical Waste Heat Recovery Systems (MWHR) which bring in fresh air whilst ensuring the heat energy remains inside.  In addition the company has developed a simple Mechanical Waste Heat recovery system that can be simply and cheaply retrofitted to classrooms to bring in fresh air without losing the heat in the room.

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Heat Pumps are classified as a Green Technology and emit Zero Carbon emissions.


The following types of unit are applicable:

Wall Mounted units – Least Expensive to install, easy to retrofit

Ceiling Mounted Cassette units – Unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing and fit very well into a suspended ceiling.

Under Ceiling units – Cost effective solution particularly for large areas. Mounted on the ceiling direct and do not impact on the wall space which may be used fully for display purposes.

Ducted Units – Most attractive, only see small grill, difficult to retrofit, more expensive.