Maintaining an appropriate temperature and excellent air quality in any type of healthcare environment is important for the comfort and well being of the patients and also for the staff.

In a medical environment excessively high temperatures can add days to recovery times and significantly increase the risk of infection being spread throughout the building. As a result any type of air conditioning system used needs to be reliable and sensitive in these situations. Systems also need to be as quiet as possible and ensure sounds do not travel between rooms as privacy can be essential for patients.

Additionally it is possible to purchase units which contain specialist filters which remove harmful airborne viruses.

We have considerable experience of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining high quality Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems for all types of healthcare facilities including to HTM 03-01 standards so are more than capable of providing you with the correct solution to meet your requirements.

We regularly work with high end clients in Harley street and other healthcare owners to provide state of the art air conditioning and ventilation systems which provide extremely high levels of air quality whilst still maintaining a private and comfortable environment. This work frequently involves working within listed buildings and liasing with the planning authorities.

Modern Air Conditioning systems utilise renewable heat pump technology and are extremely energy efficient at both heating and cooling. They are typically 4 times more efficient than traditional gas or electric powered heating systems and 50% more efficient thanĀ  10-15 year old AC systems so can offer good energy savings as against older systems.

Heat Pumps are classified as a Green Technology and emit Zero Carbon emissions.