Maintaining an appropriate temperature in any type of healthcare environment is important for the comfort and well being of the patients and also for the staff.
In a medical environment excessively high temperatures can add days to recovery times and significantly increase the risk of infection being spread throughout the building. As a result any type of air conditioning system used needs to be reliable and sensitive in these situations.

Additionally it is possible to purchase units which contain specialist filters which remove harmful airborne viruses.

We have considerable experience of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining HVAC equipment for all types of healthcare facilities so are more than capable of providing you with the correct solution to meet your requirements.

There are three types of unit that are commonly used within the healthcare environment:

Wall Mounted units – Least Expensive to install, easy to retrofit

Ceiling Mounted Cassette units – Unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing and fit very well into a suspended ceiling.

Ducted Units – Most attractive, only see small grill, difficult to retrofit, more expensive