With the summers getting hotter and the weather generally getting more unpredictable a lot of homeowners are now looking to have air conditioning installed in their homes.

It is frequently overlooked that Modern Air Conditioning systems utilise renewable heat pump technology and inverter technology and are extremely energy efficient at both cooling and heating.

They can provide a very simple and very cost effective way of heating rooms and can be easily retrofitted into older buildings.  They are a much more efficient way of heating than the conventional gas boiler and radiator systems.

They are typically 4 times more efficient than traditional gas or electric powered heating systems all of which can result in substantially reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

They are also up to 50% more efficient than  10-15 year old AC systems so can offer good energy savings as against older systems.

All of which can result in substantially reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

In summer the units take the heat energy from inside transfer it outside and in winter the units take the heat energy from outside and bring it inside.

Modern Air Conditioning units are also whisper quiet and look really good.

A basic system includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected via 2 insulated copper pipes, a cable and a condensate drain.

Running costs for a small system are typically less than £2 per month and they have quiet modes which are whisper quiet.

These units give you great flexibility to ensure no more sleepless nights in summer or the need to put the full heating system on to heat one room in winter. They are perfect for bedrooms, loft spaces and conservatories. The units also filter the air helping to remove unwanted pollutants and pollen.

In addition the VAT rate is Zero on these systems as they are classified as a Green Technology and emit Zero Carbon emissions.

Air conditioning can be provided in many forms depending on the type of building being conditioned, aesthetic appearance required and of course the budget available. Whether your property is a new build or a listed building, modern air conditioning systems and their controls can provide high energy efficiencies (therefore economic operation) reducing your overhead costs.


Some benefits of Modern Air conditioning systems are as follows:

  • Improved sleeping and quality of life – particularly in the summer
  • Bedroom Cooling
  • Super Quiet
  • Filter the air thereby removing pollutants and improving Air quality
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Can Cool, Heat and Dehumidify
  • Very efficient and therefore low power consumption
  • Easy Payment options
  • Zero % VAT on Domestic Installations


Please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance on the best system for you and your business.


Below is a breakdown of the main types of systems:

They are all based on heat pump technology and therefore are all highly efficient and provide heating as well as cooling and are very quiet in operation. Modern Inverter technology ensures very efficient and super quiet operation.

Split systems – the split system is the most basic and most common of air conditioning systems, these are typically used for small to medium size rooms or offices. The system will provide either cooling or heating at any one time. In larger open plan rooms the system can comprise of either a single, twin, triple or quad indoor system with one outdoor unit.

Multi-split – the multi-split system is predominantly used for commercial or residential properties where multiple indoor units can be installed to provide individually controlled cooling or heating functions in different rooms or locations, however please be aware the indoor units will either heat or cool at any one time, in other words you will not be able to run one indoor unit in cooling and another in heating simultaneously. These units are connected to a common outdoor unit.

VRV/VRF systems – these are similar to multi-split systems, although they suit larger facilities as they have a larger heating and cooling capacity and have the flexibility of longer pipe runs along with the potential for increased numbers of indoor units. VRV/VRF systems can also offer simultaneous heating and cooling at any one time, when this occurs the energy is recovered within the system basically providing free cooling or heating. These systems can also be connected to heat pump boilers providing a source for heating the building also via a LPHW battery in an AHU, under floor heating or used as a primary source for heating the buildings domestic hot water supply.

Ducted fan coil installations are mainly used in high-end residential installations where design aesthetics are paramount, a minimalist appearance is required and where there are accessible ceiling voids. Ducted fan coils combine heating and cooling performance. They can also be set up to provide a proportion of fresh air along with the conditioned air.

These can deliver the same quality and performance as conventional air conditioning systems and are ideally suited to apartments, listed properties or those where outdoor space is limited. No planning permission is normally required as the condenser is fitted internally and is easily concealed within your property.