There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing a suitable air conditioner for your lounge such as its size, aspect, location and your preference re aesthetics and budget. Modern air conditioning units offer a very efficient way of both cooling and heating your room and come in a number of different types to suit your exact requirements and budget. Modern units are also extremely quiet.

Modern Air Conditioning systems utilise renewable heat pump technology and inverter technology and are extremely energy efficient at both cooling and heating.

They are typically 4 times more efficient than traditional gas or electric powered heating systems all of which can result in substantially reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

They are also up to 50% more efficient than  10-15 year old AC systems so can offer good energy savings as against older systems.

These units give you great flexibility to ensure you can keep cool in the summer or do not need to put the full heating system on to heat one room in winter. They are perfect for lounges, bedrooms, loft spaces and conservatories. The units also filter the air helping to remove unwanted pollutants and pollen.

In addition the VAT rate is Zero on these systems as they are classified as a Green Technology and emit Zero Carbon emissions.

There are three types of unit that are best suited for installing in the lounge these are:

Wall Mounted units – Least Expensive to install, easy to retrofit

Low Wall Mounted Units – Look similar to a radiator, easy to retrofit

Ducted Units – Most attractive, only see small grill, difficult to retrofit, more expensive