Specialist Ventilation and Fume Extraction

Elliott’s has delivered a number of specialist projects for clients where it has been required to deliver a turnkey solution for specific and specialist ventilation and fume extraction problems such as removing Welding fumes, Paint Fumes, Solvent fumes and Commercial Kitchen ventilation and extraction

Hatchery Ventilation

Elliott’s has undertaken a significant number of Hatchery ventilation projects both in the UK and overseas in conjunction with other specialist contractors in this field.

Large Scale Ventilation for Recycling Centres

Efficient and reliable ventilation and extraction is very important within Commercial Recycling Centres in order to help maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors. Elliott has considerable experience of providing ventilation designs and solutions in order to ensure that the operating companies meet their emission targets in accordance with the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 set by the Environment Agency.