With the increasing insulation in modern homes and hot summers the problem of overheating at night has become more of a problem and sleep quality can have a huge impact on your personal well- being. This can be further aggravated when you live in a city environment where there is considerable noise and pollution outside which maybe prevents you from leaving the bedroom windows open.

The most common question is whether the unit will be noisy. We can guarantee that modern good quality inverter units are exceptionally quiet and will definately not intrude on your peaceful nights sleep. Imagine the improved experience that comes with sleeping in a room that stays at a consistent preferred temperature night after night after night!

We would be pleased to help you find the perfect solution that matches your budget and your needs.

There are three types that can be used for the bedroom these are :

Wall Mounted units – Least Expensive to install, easy to retrofit

Low Wall Mounted Units – Look similar to a radiator, easy to retrofit

Ducted Units – Most attractive, only see small grill, difficult to retrofit, more expensive