Control Systems

Climate control should be simple, intuitive, smart and energy efficient. User friendly control systems help you to stay on top of your energy consumption and running costs.

We offer a variety of systems that will help you take control of your climate and provide optimal comfort for your home.

With an online controller, you can take control of your climate from any location. Simply connect your unit to Wi-Fi and download the app. Available for iOS and Android, you can change the thermostat, set temperature schedules, review your energy consumption and develop your own “if this, then that” workflow.

Individual room controllers

Adjust the temperature, operating mode, air purification and fans for individual rooms with the interactive thermostat.

Individual control systems

Individual control systems allow you to control your climate directly with user-friendly interfaces and scheduling functions. Intuitive interfaces make controlling your climate easy and contemporary designs blend in seamlessly with your interior. You can also keep track of your energy consumption with visual display graphs.

Smart building management

We offer a variety of climate control systems to help you manage your building’s energy consumption efficiently and optimise your comfort.