Data Centre

Almost every company relies on Computer Servers, located in the Computer Server room. It is critical to the performance of this equipment that it runs at the designed temperature and does not overheat as this can cause the performance to reduce significantly or in certain circumstances to crash which could result in loss of information or the company’s activities to grind to a halt. It is therefore very important that high quality, properly specified & reliable equipment is used at all times.

There are two common types of unit which are most suitable depending on budget and the type of building:

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

These are the most common type of units used in Server Rooms as the cold air can be directed at the equipment. Again we recommend using a high quality unit or units as required to ensure reliability, longevity and peace of mind given the continuous workload that the units will be under.

In certain circumstances it may be prudent to add an extra emergency unit to ensure that you have contingency cover at all times. Our team will be happy to discuss the various options and provide you with the benefit of their experience.